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Purpose Driven Life Series

Does my life have a purpose? What am I living for? All of us will wrestle with these huge questions at some point. The Bible tells us that God has an amazing purpose for our lives and can help us to live life to the full. Over the next 6 Sundays we will be hearing a series of messages on the 5 big purposes God has for our lives. During the week we’ll each be reading through ‘The Purpose Driven Life’, a best selling book by Christian pastor and author ‘Rick Warren’ (available at a super discount price on Sundays).

Please join us at 2.30pm on May 27th for the first message which will be an introduction to the series, or join us on any of the Sundays after that to hear about the 5 purposes. Please remember that you are very welcome to come along to GraceCity Church no matter if you are a Christian or not.

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