What to Expect at Church

At our weekly Sunday service we hope you will experience these three things in a relaxed, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere:


We love to worship God through music and singing in both English and Japanese. Our songs have a modern style but are about God and are inspired by the words of the bible. We believe that it is important for everybody in the church to have the chance to contribute something if they want to during this time, so different people will often bring prayers, bible readings, and share what they feel God is speaking to us. The song words are shown on a big screen, a bit like karaoke! This time usually lasts for 30-40mins.

GraceCity Worship

Bible Message

We believe that the bible has meaning and importance for our lives today. Every week somebody shares a message from the bible which helps us understand more about God and more about life. The message is both in English and Japanese and usually lasts for 40-60mins.

GraceCity Message


The church is a community of people from many backgrounds who love and follow Jesus Christ. Jesus loved all kinds of people and we hope to be a church that loves and welcomes all kinds of people too. We have plenty of time after the message to chat, make friends, and get to know each other more over a hot cup of coffee.

GraceCity Community